If you need to return an item, request an exchange, or open a claim, Tipser is here to help communicate with the brand and ensure your shopping experience is satisfactory.


To initiate a return, fill out this return form. Depending on the merchant's policies, we might provide you with a return label or an address to send the return back. 

Important: Fill out the form and await our response before you send the item back. The merchant's return address might be different than the sender address, and the merchant may have a process that you need to follow.

You may receive a full or partial refund to your payment method or in store credit, depending on the brand's policies. You may also be able to exchange the returned item for another variant such as a different size or color.

Return Period

Your return period begins the day you receive your order. We recommend that you ship a return package as soon as possible after you have the return label because the shipping can take several days. 

Tipser guarantees a return period of at least 14 days for all orders placed through Tipser. The return period may be longer depending on the merchant’s policies.


The return policies only apply if the product is returned in the original condition. Return the product in a condition that you would consider acceptable for purchase.

For most products, you can try on, touch, and feel the item; just make sure it is clean and unused when it is sent back. However, the following types of products are usually sealed and can only be returned if the seal is unopened and undamaged:

  • Hygiene products such as skin care, hair care, and underwear
  • Food and drink products

Please note that products on final sale are not eligible for free returns.


We prefer to reduce emissions and protect the environment, so we urge our merchants to provide as much information as possible about an item's size, measurement, shape, and color. We'll also help you with any questions about sizing or additional product details before you purchase so you're satisfied with what you order.

However, if you are interesting in exchanging an item, please let our Support team know. We will do our best to work with the merchant to get you the right product.


The refund window is between 8-15 days after the merchant receives the returned item, depending on the payment provider that the merchant uses. You will be paid back to the same account or card that you used for the purchase.


Request a refund, exchange, or replacement when the item is defective, missing, damaged, not as described, or shows signs of usage. 

Submit a Claim

On behalf of our merchants, manufacturers, and shipping partners, we are so sorry to hear that your item is not satisfactory. We will do everything we can to make this right.

To initiate a claim, fill out this claim form.

  • Damaged package: If the damage is evident upon delivery, you can refuse to accept the package, and it will be returned to the sender. If you don't notice the damage right away, fill out the claim form instead. Make sure to keep a photo of the damage as proof and attach it to the claim form.
  • Damaged item: Fill out the reclaim form to help us understand and begin processing your claim. Make sure to keep a photo of the damage as proof and attach it to the claim form.
  • Defective item: With certain types of products such as electrical goods, it can be difficult to understand what is wrong. Please make sure your product is set-up properly according to the manual. If it is defective, fill out the claim form, which helps us to understand and begin processing your claim.

What to Expect

The brand's policies should describe what to expect with regards to claims. There is not a standard time frame for the claims process because it varies for each individual claim. Both the merchant and manufacturer of your product might be involved. 

We promise that we will handle your claim in a timely manner and keep you updated on the status.