Who do I contact for help?

You are always welcome to contact our payment handling partner Klarna. They can help with both payment issues and claims; for example, if you want to pause your invoice because your order is delayed. You can reach Klarna via the Klarna app, on their website Klarna.com, or by phone. 

Do I have to register with Klarna in order to pay?

There is no need to register with Klarna to pay for your order. Even without registering, you can log into Klarna to handle your payments, download invoices, or contact Klarna‘s support. 

What is the Klarna app?

Klarna provides an app for their customers to easily keep track of your orders and payments. You can also get notifications for when you need to pay your invoice in Klarna‘s app, report returns of your orders to pause your invoice, and chat with Klarna‘s support in the app. 

How can I pause my payments?

Contact Klarna to pause your invoice if you have not received your order yet or have an ongoing claim or return. 

Where is my invoice?

Your Tipser order confirmation is valid as a receipt. If you need your order confirmation again, contact us at support@tipser.com

Why did Klarna send me an invoice if I already paid the merchant directly?

Because we are a marketplace, you cannot directly pay to the merchant. 

You'll need to contact Klarna’s customer support to pause your invoice, and contact us at support@tipser.com with your order number and the merchant you have paid to. We will make sure that you receive your payment back as fast as possible so you can pay your Klarna invoice.

Why is Klarna sending me reminders?

Please check that your payment was processed correctly. You can contact Klarna‘s customer support to check if your payment was processed and get help if something went wrong. 

I have returned my order, but I keep receiving payment reminders.

Please contact Klarna to pause your invoice until the return is processed. You can also contact our support team so that we can investigate the return shipment. In that case, state your order number and the tracking number of your return.